Welcome to Quiet Mind Light Center

Our mission

is to guide you to connect with your innate power and wisdom so you can be your own best friend. We are a part of the vast universe so we can connect with its wisdom at any time.

We believe if you learn from your past, then  history will not repeat itself. We make it our business in assisting you through what has passed and bringing your focus into today and the future you desire to manifest. What do you desire for yourself? Where do you see yourself next year at this time?

We specialize in intuitive energy healing using Reiki and shamanic healing techniques to remove blocked and negative energies from you, your aura, your home and office. We don’t have to live with negativity, you are worthy of more.

Furthermore, we specialize in Soul Memory Discovery / past life healing. When  you do everything right but still something doesn’t feel right, we go deep into the past lives where there is no time or space and we heal the traumas that still effect our souls.

We teach meditation to anyone who is interested; meditation isn’t complicated or stressful, it’s the opposite. In the stillness of your mind is where the answers to your questions are brought forth. If you have been trying to mediate without any success don’t give up yet, call us.

We are also very honored to offer the John of God Crystal Healing Bed. An amazing man who has been healing for 60+ years, there is no other healer who has dedicated his life to healing people from all around the world. Dare to experience the amazing Crystal light therapy.

Having been in the holistic way of life for a number of years there are a number of other specialties we have:

  • Chakra Cleanse
  • Chakra Empowerment
  • Sage Cleanse
  • Home and Office cleanse
  • Angel Card Reading

We look forward to being a part of healing process.