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Shikoba - Quiet MindMy spirit name is Shikoba and I’m an intuitive holistic healer. Everything is energy, the food we eat, the person we meet, the sun, the moon, the grain of sand, water and on and on. Let’s take food for example, if you eat a banana and wait about 20-30 minutes you’ll get a charge of energy which should last you 60-75 minutes (for me). But if you eat mashed potatoes and gravy (my favorite), very shortly you’ll feel tired and sluggish. It doesn’t make one food bad or another one good, it’s just the energy they hold and give to us when consumed. The more someone eats food that takes their energy away, the more they will become a part of that energy.

Emotion works the same way; our suppressed emotions from heartaches of the past turns into stuck energy within our physical body. Anything unresolved or buried deep into the shadow of ourselves turns into stuck energy which begins to drain us of life force. Spoken words have great power over us, as do our thoughts; they can either give us energy to suck it out of us.

As a holistic healer I work with your energy, when I see my client in their physical body, I hear the words they speak, and I sense their energy. When it comes time to the actual healing work, I like to work with my eyes closed as much as possible and my hands float above my client’s body to sense where there is blocked energy. Once I find a location within the physical body I work to remove this energy. This allows the client’s energy to flow with ease and brings a lot of peace and comfort to them.

Each healing session is different as all my clients are different, furthermore most of my repeat clients make leaps of changes between sessions. During each healing session I also clean their aura from negative debris. When aura’s have debris it’s like trying to drive in the fog. It’s really hard and we slow down; it’s hard to make decision and move forward.

At the end of the sessions my clients report to be more in peace and comfortable in their own skin. They have more clarity, energy and have a different outlook on life, then from the moment they came in.

Each person is different, you may need a few session or you may need just one, you will know.

I look forward to being a part of healing process.

Love and light, Shikoba

How to pick a holistic practitioner:

During the past twenty years I must have met hundreds of holistic healers. Searching for the right one isn’t an easy job. It’s a process, like anything else. The only thing which has guided me in picking the right ones, is my intuition. At the start of my search for the unknown, I didn’t know it was my intuition at work, but it was, it took me some time to pay attention to my intuition and see it at work. When working with a client, I use all my senses; I’m clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing), and claircognizance (clear knowing). It takes a great deal of practice and attention to differentiate these. It not about how many senses a practitioner uses it’s about how good they are using what they have. For me, all four work together hand in hand. My advice to you is to trust your gut feeling about a practitioner. Meet as many as you can, email them, talk to them, ask questions, and then decide. If you decide to go with practitioner A and not B, it doesn’t make B a bad one; it makes A the right one for you.

I remember going to an author’s seminar where about twenty-five different practitioners were available. I watched all the practitioners carefully as they helped the author hold space. I watched their smiles and the effort they put into their duties of the day. Finally, I picked one. I went to see her for a healing session and ended up taking three workshops from her. What a joy it was to watch her at work. She talked with such knowledge and assurance. Furthermore, she made it clear that she continues to learn new things and to expand her knowledge. I love to work with a practitioner who recognizes that learning is a lifelong process.

How I became a practitioner:

In December of 2007 my sister talked me into going to Egypt for three weeks with a metaphysical group. My life has not been the same since. I came back knowing I needed to learn how to heal myself and others. Since then, I’ve studied a number of different healing modalities. At first I used to use them exactly as suggested by the book. Now when a client is with me it all comes naturally and the energy flows with ease. My intuition kicks in and I become a vessel for my client’s angels and master guides to direct the healing session. When I set my intention, the magic and the miracle that gets created for my client is truly amazing. My clients give their permission, by being present and asking for healing. I like to say I become an antenna through which information is received and processed.

Each time I have studied and become certified in a new modality, there has been a huge shift of energy within my being. I have released negativity, stuck energy, and old beliefs, and, in exchange, the universe has gifted me a new ability, a new way of healing myself and my clients. I can’t remember how many nights I cried myself to sleep, how many times I have given up, how many times I have just wanted to go back to sleep-walking (meaning just shutting down and living). A similar shift occurs when someone chooses to undergo a process of deep healing. I am so happy to have survived it all, and so can you. If it was easy, everyone would do it. What do you want for your life?

  • Kundalini Yoga Instructor
  • Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator
  • Guided meditation instructor
  • Teaching various classes and workshops