How I became a practitioner

In December of 2007 my sister talked me into going to Egypt for three weeks with a metaphysical group. My life has not been the same since. I came back knowing I needed to learn how to heal myself and others. Since then, I’ve studied a number of different healing modalities. At first I used to use them exactly as suggested by the book. Now when a client is with me it all comes naturally and the energy flows with ease. My intuition kicks in and I become a vessel for my client’s angels and master guides to direct the healing session. When I set my intention, the magic and the miracle that gets created for my client is truly amazing. My clients give their permission, by being present and asking for healing. I like to say I become an antenna through which information is received and processed.

Each time I have studied and become certified in a new modality, there has been a huge shift of energy within my being. I have released negativity, stuck energy, and old beliefs, and, in exchange, the universe has gifted me a new ability, a new way of healing myself and my clients. I can’t remember how many nights I cried myself to sleep, how many times I have given up, how many times I have just wanted to go back to sleep-walking (meaning just shutting down and living). A similar shift occurs when someone chooses to undergo a process of deep healing. I am so happy to have survived it all, and so can you. If it was easy, everyone would do it. What do you want for your life?

·    Kundalini Yoga Instructor

·    Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy

·    Reiki Practitioner

·    Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator

·    Guided meditation instructor

·    Teaching various classes and workshops