How to pick a holistic practitioner

During the past twenty years I must have met hundreds of holistic healers. Searching for the right one isn’t an easy job. It’s a process, like anything else. The only thing which has guided me in picking the right ones, is my intuition. At the start of my search for the unknown, I didn’t know it was my intuition at work, but it was, it took me some time to pay attention to my intuition and see it at work. When working with a client, I use all my senses; I’m clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing), and claircognizance (clear knowing). It takes a great deal of practice and attention to differentiate these. It not about how many senses a practitioner uses it’s about how good they are using what they have. For me, all four work together hand in hand. My advice to you is to trust your gut feeling about a practitioner. Meet as many as you can, email them, talk to them, ask questions, and then decide. If you decide to go with practitioner A and not B, it doesn’t make B a bad one; it makes A the right one for you.

I remember going to an author’s seminar where about twenty-five different practitioners were available. I watched all the practitioners carefully as they helped the author hold space. I watched their smiles and the effort they put into their duties of the day. Finally, I picked one. I went to see her for a healing session and ended up taking three workshops from her. What a joy it was to watch her at work. She talked with such knowledge and assurance. Furthermore, she made it clear that she continues to learn new things and to expand her knowledge. I love to work with a practitioner who recognizes that learning is life long process.

Always take a moment and call the practitioner you are considering getting a session with and hear their voice and go within and see what feelings come up before booking a session; there is a lot to say about human contact.