Services & Fee’s

Home and/or Office Cleansing and Blessings

Cleansing home and offices, is the fore front of many individuals who are aware of the energies around them. Many people take their shoes off before they walk into their house as not bring the dirt from outside into their home. In the same manner as we go about our days, going to the stores, movie theaters, fairs, farmers market, restaurants and everywhere else in between, we pick up energies from people around us and  bring it our home. People around us are going through their own issues, they maybe sad having lost someone, sick, have worries, be stressed, work with negative people and so as you come home you bring this dibre of energies into your home and it begins to drain your home of it’s beautiful energy then escalates its effects onto you and everyone living in your home.  This is when people call me to cleanse their house and office (on a regular basis). All negative and stuck energies are removed and exchanged with a blessing and a protection is placed.

Average sessions last around 2/3  hours, depending on the size of the house/office/land.  Live too far from me, this can also be done in distance, it takes attention and intention.  Fee $350 (each) within 30 miles of Pasadena CA. For further distance please message me and we can negotiate.

Intuitive Energy Healing



Hands-on intuitive energy healing cleans your aura, opens your chakras, and removes blocked energy from your body. Energy Healing is getting the issue out of the tissue. This session is always guided by your angels and master guides for your highest healing.

A session lasts either 30 or 60 minutes.

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John of God Crystal Healing Bed

Crystal Healing BedThis amazing bed from the world-renowned healer in Brazil clears your chakras, removes negativity, balances your hormones, and brings clarity. It’s a must experience.

Session lasts 30 or 60 minutes.

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Soul Memory Discovery (SMD)

We are not our bodies; our souls travel from one body to another. This soul, this energy, remembers things—usually traumas—from past lifetimes. I call this bleed-through. An SMD session is very powerful and interactive, where you are a large part of the session, and it uses the power of words and prayers to remove these past-life links from the present lifetime.

Average sessions last 1 ½ hours.

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