“I have worked with Shikoba a number of times now. Her sessions are surprisingly open and simple. I found that when the session was over, I had some insights into this life and past lives that rang true for me. It seems to have opened a new way of looking at myself. I am anxious for the next time we are able to dig a bit deeper.”

David F. Grass Valley, CA

I found your healing very effective, and insightful. I really enjoy your healing techniques and experiencing their impacting results. It seems that no matter what questions I have or even minor issues that I brush off, there is a reason, and way to clear these obstacles, or maladies. I am learning about myself, my ability to understand my body, and my own spiritual work through the depth with which we are able to work.

Sheila C. Redlands, CA

During my healing sessions, I have always found Shikoba  to be a positive, compassionate, and comforting presence. She has given me hope. Her joyfulness for life is so inspiring as well as a delightful gift she gives effortlessly.

Susan A. Yorba Linda

Having Shikoba as a Spiritual Healer was a wonderful experience. The moment my session began there was a warmth and sincere feeling from Arsi, of working through obstacles that were in my path and Arsi’s goal was to do her best to clear and remove all influences. She removed them one by one and she always checked to make sure that 1) it was okay to remove them and 2) most importantly, to make sure they were removed and that I was doing well. One day after my session, Shikoba, checked in on me asking if it was okay for here to remotely check to see if there were any influences and I stated yes. I was working on a project and was busy at my computer when she communicated to me via text messaging that I needed to do a cleansing to clear an influence that was impacting me. In the midst of my work, Shikoba and I connected, and I felt the urgency to do as she instructed and I reported back to her my results. What I like the most about my session with Shikoba is her genuine way of connecting with me as an individual and to help me understand the influences that were impacting me at the time. She took the time to make sure that I was understanding what she was doing before proceeding forward.

Lara G. Riverside, CA

I first met Shikoba by attending one of her meditation classes. I had only a vague idea about the type of work she did, but I knew I wanted to know more about it. I viewed these types of healing modalities with a bit of skepticism at first. However, the overwhelming challenges in my life were manifesting pains and fears that were becoming too much to bare, and preventing me from walking as my highest self, in my highest light. I was walking around very lost and broken with very little insight on how to find myself again for far too long. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of confusion, and I was desperate to find relief. In an effort to try to find a way to heal my wounded heart, I began to dive in to every different source of healing I could find. I went on an intensely difficult but beautiful journey of healing and self discovery. And after much searching, I finally found Shikoba. After working with her in an energy healing session just one time, I felt lighter. More in touch with my spirit than I had in a long time. I knew I would never feel the same ever again. I had found the thing I had been in need of all along. I continue to work with Shikoba every chance I get. She is slowly helping me how to find peace again and cope with life’s struggles. She is truly compassionate, selfless healer that offers a genuinely warm, gentle and peaceful environment to open up and heal in. She has helped me get in touch with myself again and open up my heart to heal and receive the love and forgiveness I deserve; from others, and most importantly from myself. She has helped me cope with the difficulties in my life by counseling me spiritually and emotionally, and by helping clear out the negative energy and stories that I have been holding on to for so long. She has even helped me open my mind up to things that I didn’t even know were there for me. The work that Shikoba does is truly a blessing, and I feel so blessed to know such a wonderful person. Every time I enter into her presence I feel a sense of warmth, serenity, peace and comfort. And every time I leave her presence I feel a sense of lightness, strength, confidence, relief, and hope. As a person who’s mind is so cluttered with thought’s, I have a hard time even making the smallest decision, and spend even more time wondering if my decisions were the correct ones. Shikoba has helped me find some quiet and clarity in my mind. She has helped assure me what paths in my life are serving me for the better and which ones I need to let go of. She is truly an angel in human form. And she can help to open yourself up to your inner beauty and strength that will unravel an abundance of blessings more beautiful than you could ever imagine. She has changed my life forever.

Amber R. Corona, CA